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The Rescue Pod

Life Saving Protection
for nature at its worst.

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  • Cannon Beach Surf RescuePod

“For people living in high-risk Tsunami zones, a RescuePod is an option that can potentially maximize one’s chance of survival when fleeing is not a safe option.”

Tim W. Retired Commanding Officer of the United States Coast Guard Search and Rescue Unit

How it Works

The Rescue Pod is technology made simple. Watch the video and see how simple safety can be.

The key components

The key components


High density Polyethylene

Extremely durable Roto-molded HDPE protects you from debris that smashes into you during disaster.


Personal Locator Beacon

Have the peace of mind that you will be located.


Rescue Tether

Rigging loops for vessels or helicopter to easily rescue you with standard winch systems.


Completely Buoyant

Never worry about sinking or tipping over. You will remain dry and safe.


Racing Seat x2

Two racing seats will keep you both secure and stable during violent motion.



Even if it takes time to be found, be secure knowing you brought enough items with you.

Other Uses

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