the Reliable Emergency Shelters story

Or “why we designed the Rescue Pod”

things were looking bad


The idea of RescuePod was born out of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004.  With such devastation and little options for the people who survive in the path of a Tsunami we had to do something. We could not get the images out of our minds.

we wanted to help


Since earthquakes and the tsunami’s they sometimes trigger will be a constant threat, we wanted to find a way to help.  We wanted to find a way to save as many lives as possible.  After seeing the devastation and the utter ruin family’s were left with, we had to find a way.

a bright flash of light


The concept of the life boat has been around for centuries.  But what about a “life boat” for those not at sea?  Enter the Rescue Pod.  We figured an “enclosed life boat” for land that could withstand the various forces of impact brought about by water would be a life saving instrument.

being safe should just work


And this device would have to be affordable and simple to use.  After all, why waste precious seconds trying to figure something out when you should just hop in and go?  And we decided to carry this simple approach all the way to rescue.  It won’t be hard to locate and recover anyone safe inside the Rescue Pod.