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Tsunami Shelters As Seen in The Seaside Signal

“You can run but you can’t hide. But maybe you can float your way away. By some strange synchronicity, this is the year of the tsunami pod. A basic two-person 300-pound spherical pod built by former Boeing engineer Julian Sharpe, similar to the size and interior of the Gemini space capsule, costs $13,500; the four-person model sells for $17,500.

The Survival Capsule can be tethered via a 100-foot steel cable connected to a concrete plug in the ground, essentially turning passengers inside into a buoy…”

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Tsunami Shelters as Seen In The Daily Astorian

With the possibility of damaged roads, a tsunami-proof shelter may be an opportunity for some people. Pete Riedel, president of Reliable Emergency Shelters, says his RescuePods are made of a high-density polyethylene to protect occupants from tsunami debris. Other features include windows, air vents, safety seats, and an emergency beacon.

Research and development of the pods has taken about 5 years. Riedel put his money where his mouth this and went over a waterfall in one of his own RescuePods…

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