RescuePod’s newest Display @ the Illwaco Fire Hall

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RescuePod Tsunami Shelter at Illwaco Fire Station

We wanted to thank the City of Illwaco Fire Department and Mayor for their support of our RescuePod Tsunami Shelter.  Being year round residents of the Long Beach Peninsula Gary Forner and long time Fire Chief Tom Williams are well aware of the dangers of Cascadia and know people need to be ready to fend for themselves incase of a Tsunami.   They been generous enough to allow us to display our RescuePod on their 2nd story balcony of the Fire Station for all to see.  Thank you Tom and Gary for your continued support as well as many others from Illwaco Fire and Pacific County District #1 helping to raise awareness of our RescuePod Tsunami Survival Shelter.


If you would like to schedule a demonstration and site evaluation please give us a call.

Our fully equipped 2 person RescuePod costs $6,900+ tax delivered and installed in Washington and Oregon.