The Rescue Pod

Life Saving Protection
for nature at its worst.

RescuePod - Tsunuami Survival Shelter Pricing Information

Life-saving protection during tsunamis, catastrophic floods, and extreme weather events...

$7,900.00 US International Shipping Available

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About the RescuePod

If you live in a high-risk tsunami zone or other area where catastrophic floods and weather events are possible, you need a RescuePod. Made from high-tech materials, the RescuePod remains upright and buoyant during even the strongest, most powerful waves.

You’ll love the peace of mind and protection the RescuePod provides!

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RescuePod Features

  • Buoyant, High-Strength Molded HDPE Core
  • Emergency Rations & Rescue Beacon
  • 2 Safety Seats & Harness
  • Bulletproof Lexan Windows, Reinforced Rescue Tether
  • Came to the cove see if we might add to our testing video reel.
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  • Came to the cove see if we might add to our testing video reel.

See the RescuePod in Action

We’ve tested the RescuePod under extreme conditions, including:

  • Balance and buoyancy tests
  • Air vent tests to show how the RescuePod keeps the elements out
  • Impact testing of both single high-intensity blows and multiple impacts to simulate the effects of a tsunami
  • Passenger safety and structural integrity testing of all materials and safety equipment
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RescuePod Pricing & Ordering Information

The RescuePod Tsunami Survival Shelter turn key solution is available for $7,900 and includes:

  • Impact-resistant, 100% buoyant tsunami survival capsule made from space-age High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • 2 racing seats with 5 point harnesses
  • Personal Locator Beacon to pinpoint your location for the Coast Guard, military and near by marine vessels to aid in rescue
  • Emergency rations sufficient for 2 people for 3 days, including 12-1200 calorie MREs, 4 gallon water container, and 6 waste bags
  • Lockable Sunbrella outdoor cover
  • Free delivery for Oregon and Washington customers

Your RescuePod shipped worldwide or if you live on the Washington or Oregon Coast, contact us to see a live RescuePod demonstration near you.

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